In each of Ducati products, not only for Ducati but all superbike brands. There will still be a difference even if it's a small difference such as size of the screw, header, light and also etc. However, the difference that I will tell you guys for TODAY is the difference types of Ducati Superbike.

For the first type that each and everyone of you will learn is Street Racer. Why does it call street racer again? Let me tell you something, a street racer resembles a unique superbike which can be used by everyone not only on the racing track but also on the STREET.


NEXT is the type that relax and well known by easy rider which is TOURER type. This type are the one that will be used to ride in the dirt as it's taller design.

NAKED BIKE is quite similar to TOURER but it is the shorter and smaller types. It usually be used by the long distance rider and also for relaxing moods. 

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