Nothing gets me more EXCITED than motorcycles and technology. Put the two together and I am having a TECHMOTOGASM right now. I just read out about two new bits of wearable technology designed for motorcyclists.

Usually that means some whack job thing that doesn’t really cut it, but I reckon these two things will have many of us diving for our wallets or Paypal, or whatever.

SHOEI One of The Safeties Helmet 
Best of all, these two things are two of my favourite bikey things, alongside my bike; gloves and helmets. I can’t even count how many of each I have had over my 5 of riding. I have more than three helmets I can think of off the top of my head, and countless pairs of gloves for different riding conditions.

But none of them have built-in techno gadgets.


 When it comes to safety gear helmets I would like to recommend SKULLY AR-1 which are really attracting and safety is the most priority when the developer were designing it. Through it's interface, it quite an interaction for everyone who see it. No matter what races, age and gender anyone will FALL IN LOVE with it. 

Let me asked this straight "DO YOU WANNA DIE?" . Do not be stingy with the money you have as SAFETY is the most important. 


Those attachment of picture is what you guys should consider before buying other helmet brands.
SKULLY AR-1 is a MUST TO HAVE helmet as the safety was testified and tested by most of superbike user.

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