DO YOU EVER WONDER what are the number of DUCATI SALES? Here the thing, the number of Ducati sale for EACH YEAR INCREASED TWICE as the company was expecting. Throughout the hardship that had been pour out since it was established, it turns out that all of their effort and attempt was really worth whereas Ducati had been nominate as the Winner Marketing Award 2013 as their brands had exceed more than their targeted sales in a year.

For a new year, Ducati Company will increase more specification and additional things on their products. For example in the year of 2010 the Ducati bikes was equipped with normal specifications with the price of RM88, 900 and in 2011 Ducati had gave an additional touch up which they add on a slider for their products with the same price in 2010. Due to their extra ordinary sales, Ducati had been nominated as Highly Commended Sales Award 2014. 
Highly Commended Marketing Award was also been given to Ducati in the year of 2014. DUCATI used to be known as its SIGNIFICANT trademark which was its outstanding performance on the street and also on the racing track which had made DUCATI achieve this special awards amongst from other SUPERBIKE Brands. 

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