Do you BELIEVE that every living things have one thing that will ensure it  keeps alive and move? For instance, human and animals need a heart to ensure that they are still alive, a tree needs it roots and etc.

BUT....... In my case here, an automobile also need its precious part that will ensure it to keep moving and through this component it will differentiate it from others in terms of performance and ranking. Ducati bikes here need it's ENGINE which resembles the heart for each automobile brands, without engine for sure it's just gonna be "A PIECE OF SCRAP METAL"

In my case here, I'm gonna tell you about PAST PREVIOUS Ducati engine that had been used in 90's technology. There are 3 types of past previous engine which are Desmoquattro, Desmotre DS and also Testratretta Evoluzione  


The first past previous engine I want to introduce is DUCATI DESMOQUATTRO.

  • Desmo Four-Valve
  • Liquid-Cooled
  • 40° included valve angle
Used By:
851, 888, 916, 996, 748, Monster S4, Monster S4R

This second engine is DESMOTRE DS which was also one of the most powerful engine in the past.
Apart from that this engine is very UNIQUE.

  • Desmo Three-Valve
  • Liquid-Cooled
  • 40° included valve angle
  • Dual Ignition

Used By:
ST 3

This Engine is not similar at all from other engine.

  • Desmo Four Valve
  • Liquid-Cooled
  • 24,3° included valve angle
  • 41° valve overlap angle

Used By:
848, 1098/1198, Streetfighter 1098

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