OWNERSHIP plays vital role in a Big Name company. I can bet to all you guys that there is none of the company had been joining their venture with the same old company and stay up until now. Since 1926 Ducati has been owned by a number  of big groups and company.

Did you know Ducati Family was owning this Ducati Brands since it was first established? Since the day it was first established 1926-1950, they had faced severe number of problems in maintaining their products. 


Then in 1985-1996 Cagiva Group which was also one of the superbike brands that was quite famous until now also had joined venture and owned Ducati family. That is why severe people may still confuse of Ducati and Cagiva bikes pattern.


Until now this one big company still owned Ducati brands which actually is being owned by Lamborghini S.P.A groups which had been strongly upgraded by these groups. Lamborghini had bought Ducati since 2012 until nowadays. 

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